Stone Paths

I applaud the audience which so well supported you, who took you out of a dead end path too, who saw so clearly your worth, hopefully, that a few tinkers and touch ups were oh so necessary.  

I take solace in the fact that it never went passed what was even then so bad, that life persuaded you to a different path.  Because if I know anything at all, it’s the love of the craft that hammocks you on your path, that is unrelentingly sometimes crap.  Your gift shines through everything, and why not let it ring? Especially after a traumatic thing challenges your entire being, you come out the other side, thinking if it weren’t for future offspring, I’d be dead I think.  

I want you to smile, to laugh, to enjoy all the seeds that you’ll plant grow into gorgeous inspiring plants.  If it wasn’t for you, I’d just be an incomplete rant.  A wrecking ball, really, but ironically with the most potent of good intentions. Through all I’ve learned, your intent is only of value if you’ve spent all the time in your hands refuting the bad, making sense of the path you’re creating, and making senseless urges and emotions dissipate the second you see them.  Setting down stone after stone, a walkway to enlightenment, if only for some.

If I could simplify it, I’d say I’ve been at war, for far too many days, against myself, the way I play.  Yeah, it’s hard, but we ALL have our demons, as long as we seam them, and don’t let them eat us, the world is ours, a gleaming future if you lead it.


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