As the moments flash by,
We know to cherish them
We know to appreciate the good
To ignore the “bad”
To stay present in the moment
Means staying in the thoughts
That feel good..relentlessly
It means claiming NOW as your
Point of power
It means you are only controlling
Yourself..your mood
So if you want to fly..fly
But if you want to keep pulling yourself underwater..then yes you’ll do that to yourself too
If you want to capture these moments to the fullest
Do not look to the conditions of your life to captivate you
Look to yourself
To capture the essence
Of what you’re looking for
Feel your way along your path
Stop looking at it so much
Stop judging it so much
Start adjusting your mood
So it is prepared for all the wonderful moments you seek
Once you look inward
To feel ideal
Once you realise this is your power to use for fun..for amazement
Once you seek happiness
From yourself solely
In each moment
You are capturing this fleeting time to the fullest

Gold Seeping


Image: Pinterest

You see the gold seeping through the cracks
A mind of matter in a blender
Volcano erupts
Stronger than the disrupt
Curve balls a specialty
God like a YoYo almost grazing the floor to pop back up in the knick of time
Cut the string
A bounce is better
Let in the Royal Flush

These Walls


These walls I’ve constructed
Boxed my intentions
Cradled my fears
Stunted my potential
Princess captive

The fairytales will tell you a Knight in Shining Armour will rescue you
He rides a white horse and he is handsome and good

Maybe this is what saves the Princess’ hope
But she is the one who must save herself
She is the one who at least lets down her long hair

These walls I’ve constructed
From all my wits
So very firm
Saving a family
Freeing my fears
Fortifying the gold
Drying my tears