Pinch those cheeks
Into a smile
Whether you walk
A step or a mile

Not only does it help,
It practically excludes the self

So you’re free to be free now
Go on, smile


Stepping On Hearts


It was never that my old ways

Of spontaneous deception weren’t serving me


They could get me whatever I wanted

But sooner or later, the rip tide comes

Thrusts you onto the ground, face full of sand

The sobs seemed unending


The force of it all nearly killed me

These poor souls, and who was I to parade

Around, stepping on hearts, carelessly?

I started to want different things

Things I was so unfamiliar with

I almost gave up, gave in to the madness

Almost handed my soul to the devil

Because I thought he deserved it

And I deserved him

But then, I stood up

Sometimes with such vague conviction

That this time, from here on out

I would never let another difficulty

Stop me

I would help

Those who need me

By the way…

Thanks for following here at Shangri-La de Lioness and contributing your wonderful inputs. I am so grateful for each and every one of you out there reading along. So thanks! I really appreciate you.

This blog has transformed from rants to lyrics to poetry and back, and while I’m still figuring out my niche, I sincerely thank you all for going with the flow and sticking by my side.
Your support is inspiring 🙂

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Have a delightful night everyone.



Paradise Pier

play this song!→ Grime by Hippie Sabotage ←play this song!

Little one, full of fear

Don’t be scared, it’s a jump and a tear

To the finish line, a Paradise Pier… come here, little pretty bitty

Can’t get caught up in the nitty gritty, it’s but a hop, skip, leap to the city

Flooded with lights, I can see your eyes bright, lit up in the light

You look just right, now clasp your hands tight around mine

Let’s fly