Stepping On Hearts


It was never that my old ways

Of spontaneous deception weren’t serving me


They could get me whatever I wanted

But sooner or later, the rip tide comes

Thrusts you onto the ground, face full of sand

The sobs seemed unending


The force of it all nearly killed me

These poor souls, and who was I to parade

Around, stepping on hearts, carelessly?

I started to want different things

Things I was so unfamiliar with

I almost gave up, gave in to the madness

Almost handed my soul to the devil

Because I thought he deserved it

And I deserved him

But then, I stood up

Sometimes with such vague conviction

That this time, from here on out

I would never let another difficulty

Stop me

I would help

Those who need me


These Walls


These walls I’ve constructed
Boxed my intentions
Cradled my fears
Stunted my potential
Princess captive

The fairytales will tell you a Knight in Shining Armour will rescue you
He rides a white horse and he is handsome and good

Maybe this is what saves the Princess’ hope
But she is the one who must save herself
She is the one who at least lets down her long hair

These walls I’ve constructed
From all my wits
So very firm
Saving a family
Freeing my fears
Fortifying the gold
Drying my tears


Loyalty to the cause

Rather than to an entity, a perplex set of identities, separate from your individuality

You walk around like tainted royalty, a slave to the turmoil you seek

That rush, it’s temporary, leading you to detriment

Wish your vision was seen clearly, you’re so heavenly

Hopefully pride will fall to the wayside, making way for a huge tide

Revolution in a soul tied

The Lightness

ImageWe require more than trinkets of entertainment.  We require hard work, it is hard, living a life worth living. It is strenuous at times, it takes the most classic of character traits.

Patience; cultivate it, rather than giving into impulse. Persistence; of utmost importance to sustain any benefits.  You must be willing to give up your dim sentiments, and struggle to achieve inner greatness, because it’s not going to come like magic.  Your natural ability is something to embrace, while you work on making your decisions and lifestyle of classic character. Love yourself because you are divine.  Just by existing, you are deemed a life to fulfill. Once you start choosing the right way, you will feel the light each time.

Our dreams are waiting, ever so patiently, for us to ACT on them. Stop procrastinating. Stop deluding yourself with stories of unrelated deference.  Let your ego go-go-go for what it desperately wants to say you accomplished.  Something HUGE.  For you are deliciously divine, in your infinite possibilities. The only catch is you must take that leap of faith.  You must be comfortable feeling suspended by your dreams.

Stay focused. Be grounded by yourself, not anything external. Accept help, and keep improving. Because, my love, life is grand, and you deserve to experience it that way.

One Never-Ending Continuum

Each person, placed on a huge never-ending continuum.

You are the same person as you were last week,

Along this series.

You will be the same person in 20 years,

Along this series.

But even as I say it, I doubt it. 

We become different.  We are constantly evolving.

Yet fundamentally, we exist the same.

And what are those fundamentals? 

And isn’t it ironic that a lack of those very key facets

Is, in fact, an entire fundamental on it’s own?