As the moments flash by,
We know to cherish them
We know to appreciate the good
To ignore the “bad”
To stay present in the moment
Means staying in the thoughts
That feel good..relentlessly
It means claiming NOW as your
Point of power
It means you are only controlling
Yourself..your mood
So if you want to fly..fly
But if you want to keep pulling yourself underwater..then yes you’ll do that to yourself too
If you want to capture these moments to the fullest
Do not look to the conditions of your life to captivate you
Look to yourself
To capture the essence
Of what you’re looking for
Feel your way along your path
Stop looking at it so much
Stop judging it so much
Start adjusting your mood
So it is prepared for all the wonderful moments you seek
Once you look inward
To feel ideal
Once you realise this is your power to use for fun..for amazement
Once you seek happiness
From yourself solely
In each moment
You are capturing this fleeting time to the fullest


Cue Flood


My soul strained, chained down, drowned
By my passive, side-stepping ways
I don’t usually confront the issues swirling in my head
Making me dizzy, nauseous, beauty really is pain
As my heart trembles forward, brave for a heart
To eat the fiber of life as it’s been starved
Bumpy, jerky roller coaster
Finally. Throw out this extra weight
I’d love to be light enough to fly

This Day and Age


Image: zazenlife.com

This day and age, is it something you have faith in?
Our human typical, a far cry from our human ideal.
There are the masses, struggling day in, day out, reaching goals or just getting by, usually on the couch to watch the Kardashians, just in time for Reality (not t.v.) to get their attention. Few! Another night stalled.
And there are the ones who even think they are beyond that, but without any plan to heal reality, they become bitter and cynical, picking fun and making jokes about their own fellow man.

Then, there are the distressed and damaged.  The ones who have been to the depths of darkness. Who maybe have witnessed the inherent power in the universe, in man, but only in the negative realm of things. That weight hangs heavy on their lives.

But there are also the brave. The ones who resolve to see the truth of reality, the ones who stay wide awake, who do not succumb to the deceit of darkness. Who, go forth in courage, even when it isn’t convenient, when it isn’t comfortable at first. Who, regardless of the circumstances they see, they will carry justice everywhere they go. They will carry love, and not labels, they will carry only truth, with no exception.
They are the ones who are not beyond the materiality of this world, but beyond themselves lest they not consume in excess and blindness. Instead, they reveal, in simple kindness, the treasures of this world, thus solving our Reality. Leading the way, with light, healing this broken earth from the ways of our heightened production and careless, disposable lifestyles. This is real.  The power these brave souls have, if they shall come forward at each second, will replenish the earth, will save us all.
This day and age, will you be brave, wide awake? Will you strive only for truth and love? Or is Kim’s booty just too interesting?
This choice is yours, but it is the price we all pay here on earth.

To Life


Some new additions at home

To life
To growth
And new beginnings

A light
To own
With hazel tintings

Pastries and postmen
Around the bend
To familiar nutcracker men

Traditions and songs
Don’t hold back
Making lives spin
Like the train on the track

To life, to growth
To new beginnings