Stalked, an arrow hits my side

Is this Cupid’s arrow or a hunter’s pride?

The effects of gaslighting

Quite extreme

As I revoke

My loyalty to the pain


Animation Vivacious

Most magnificent about black is it’s fade to grey.  If it takes you to pray, for you to stop thinking in terms of prey, then by all means, stay still, take it slow, no delay.

Cause it seems I was sent here for you. There’s no making sense of my adoration, absolute infatuation. But I stay strong, weary of adulation, I’ve learned that lesson. In addition, I’ve been made aware of my past stone stare, therefore it’s been a mission of mine to grasp tight to life, almost went off the edge, it seems like last night. New Years, when the stars aligned in the milky sky, something was in the air, permeating, clinging to my exterior.  So I grasped back, and layer after layer, I come back to life.



Most brilliant about grey is it’s fade to a spectrum of bright, vivid colors.  Want to

be complimentary to your radiance . The anticipation is killing me, each moment a luminescent recovery. Animation Vivacious, a show to be seen.