Pearls Sifting

Pearls sifting through my mind
You’re on it just in time


Follow me to secret spots around the corner
Lookouts up black flights of stairs
That hang over the street,
And how could I ever exhale?
Rooftops and windows
So we can always see the stars
Doo ops and what’s it’s
Can I claim what feels like ours


Ultimate Fate

listen here→ Out of Sight (feat. Chance the Rapper) by Kelsey ←indulge your senses

When everyone’s out sinnin’ I’ll be the one grinnin’

Took no time at all to figure out I didn’t fit in

But I was stubborn like a sit-in, couldn’t give in

Except to impulse, a ride chaos-ridden

So for those who think it’s written

In the stars, the glamour, and the glitzin’

Only goes so far, it’s a figment


Of a bright imagination

Figure this nation just needs sublimation

A different pace, my thoughts are racin’

Across the ages, this is absolutely ageless

That feeling, it’s called cravin,’ the urge to create

Don’t fight it, just cave in

Detail a plan and never deviate

Ultimate Fate

Hear it when you wake, sleep, and eat cake

Here or absent?

There is no too late






Blurbs of an unfiltered reality


Remember me

Sweet green, the scent of money trees

When you think about it, think about me

Medusa smokescreened behind a sea of green


Girls are candycane cotton candy kisses.. bubbles blowin in like fishes

Extraordinary riches, 

I kept your name in my sweaters’ stitches, 

Is that a boo boo, baby, let me check lipschitz


I wanna dance for you, take a chance with you, 

Devil’s prancin’ you


My stance is mad for you



Practicing being an alcoholic,  you’re good at that

Another gold star Timmy, pat on the back

Another diffused track, any chance of a plan of attack, fades to black

Ashes to ashes, stack to stack


Paradise Pier

play this song!→ Grime by Hippie Sabotage ←play this song!

Little one, full of fear

Don’t be scared, it’s a jump and a tear

To the finish line, a Paradise Pier… come here, little pretty bitty

Can’t get caught up in the nitty gritty, it’s but a hop, skip, leap to the city

Flooded with lights, I can see your eyes bright, lit up in the light

You look just right, now clasp your hands tight around mine

Let’s fly







Loyalty to the cause

Rather than to an entity, a perplex set of identities, separate from your individuality

You walk around like tainted royalty, a slave to the turmoil you seek

That rush, it’s temporary, leading you to detriment

Wish your vision was seen clearly, you’re so heavenly

Hopefully pride will fall to the wayside, making way for a huge tide

Revolution in a soul tied

Cherry On Top


I desire love and success

Simple, yet infinitely complex

To have a fierce lover with comedic tendencies

Oh the thrill of pure passion, when our adventure takes us on a tease

You might find it a bit forward, but I really dare to please

Um, love and success, pretty pretty please?