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Gold Seeping


Image: Pinterest

You see the gold seeping through the cracks
A mind of matter in a blender
Volcano erupts
Stronger than the disrupt
Curve balls a specialty
God like a YoYo almost grazing the floor to pop back up in the knick of time
Cut the string
A bounce is better
Let in the Royal Flush

Shangri La de Lioness on a Sunday

Did that catch on your tongue too or is it just me? Happy Sunday world! I’ve changed my blog name, and I hope you like it. My theory is change > status quo… Don’t want anyone getting bored now, do we? No! I love my followers, they’ll be entertained ’til the end of time! (insert Russell Brand saying “bit of a leap”)  It took me a minute to find the ideal combination, but I like it. Do you?

Shan·gri–la noun \ˌshaŋ-gri-ˈlä\

1: a remote beautiful imaginary place where life approaches perfection : utopia

2: a remote usually idyllic hideaway
Origin of SHANGRI-LA

Shangri-La, imaginary land depicted in the novel Lost Horizon (1933) by James Hilton
First Known Use: 1937

li·on·ess noun \ˈlī-ə-nəs\
: a female lion

And…For those of you who want to see the aforementioned Russell Brand stand up: