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Unfinished Business

Who am I to sit here wondering,

pondering the somber side of things?

When life has just begun, the spring’s here wandering, my time has come.

I’ll sing the song you left unsung.

Boundaries coming undone.  They really weighed a ton.

My heart’s still in it for the fun.

From 3 years in the future …

Dipping my toes into my serene pool in the backyard. I just had it done, and it looks perfect with turquoise tile at the bottom, and frosty white lights at night. It is the best place to see the view of the ocean right here. I’m draped on the steps by the infinity edge, and see the stark white of the rocks absorb the waves as they splash the glass fence around our yard. The moonlight illuminates the ripples in the vast water below as it shines on the silver specks in the paint of the steps. (To Be Continued..)

Friday the 13th

(repost because I love it) 

There’s just something about watching the lightening strike down on Earth, and erupt in a huge flash behind the thick storm clouds, momentarily brightening the entire sky with a cold white vibrancy. Then you start counting, until at first, brontides are heard rumbling in the distance, and increase in power the closer the lightening strikes. Soon enough insane booms of thunder invisibly wreck the atmosphere, like bubbles of bombs. If you’re lucky, the electricity will go out. Watch the last seize of power spark, buzz, and zombify as every single medium for electricity simultaneously dies. The dark, wet pavement doesn’t reflect the reds and greens of traffic lights. Instead, it glows with the light of the stars in the sky, only disrupted by the headlights of the people racing to get home at a time of crisis. There’s just something about being prepared for almost anything to happen. Minute to minute, watching your back, building a fire, and listening to the crisp cracks of wood being engulfed in flame. It’s right here; lighting a single candle and sitting in complete silence, here we are human. Even if we still have these clothes on our backs, and a house containing us, the change in relative importance created a cusp of mental clarity. Just being a human humming along the little Earth we were given is enough sometimes.